Let’s Chill and Chat

Hello, my name is Olga. Since I am writing this, it means there is no major tennis tournament happening nor am I watching “The Newsroom” for the hundredth time. I am obviously joking! I do other things too with my time…or do I?

I have been planning this for a while and am excited to finally set things in motion. I really do enjoy writing a whole lot and have been wanting a cool place to do that on, but that you would enjoy also. Thinking back, in school I did not enjoy at all writing large bodies of texts that would require you to analyze a certain book or literary genre. I was terrified at the thought of it, but when it came to free writing, well that I enjoyed doing and was my favorite part of a test and what also got me to enjoy writing.

When I was in college I started a blog because I liked the idea of possibly connecting to people alike and getting feedback on whatever you wanted to write about. I searched for blogs to like and people to admire and tried to do the type of thing they were doing. The blog changed a lot, mostly in terms of look because I could not decide how I liked it best and also could not decide what subjects to stick to. Now, I finally have something that I like and a clear plan of what I want to do writing wise, but I also keep an open mind.

If you would rather spend your Friday or Saturday night at home chilling with a good book or a movie rather than going out partying all night long or you are just looking for recommendations in terms of movies and books for your vacation or spare time, you have come to the right place. Also, what you might find here are random thoughts that connect more or less to things I stumble upon in life. I am a big fan of overanalyzing things so here you might find snippets of that.

Inspiration hits at random times or just when you give yourself a break from stress and worries in life. That is why this project of mine is called “Coffee break insights” because I want it to be a place where we connect through different ideas or things we have in common. Also, coffee is one of my favorite drinks to have and as much as I like it in different sizes and bearing all sorts of names describing their taste or season of fame (Pumpkin Spice Latte anyone?) I also like it plain and simple with maybe a splash of milk.

Currently, I am on a mission to find my place in the world (aren’t we all?) or as Anne Frank said: “Sometimes I know what my place is and sometimes I have my doubts, but I’ll eventually get where I want to be!”. I am exploring things like what is new to eat in town or where you can drink the best coffee. I am watching movies and being all sorts of pretentious about them. I am watching tennis and collecting fairies. All of this while trying to create a virtual space for me and you to discuss, connect and if not figure out what our purpose is in life then deciding which book or movie to immerse ourselves in, in hopes we’ll figure out eventually.


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