Great friends are hard to find

Great friends are hard to find and maybe even harder to keep. You can ask anyone and I think you’ll receive an answer close to that. Through different age stages we might even have and lose several friends and therefore relationships that we’d thought would last much longer. People grow apart or friendships can naturally fall apart because you might end up going to different schools at one point, move to another city or you might find you belong and feel more at ease in different groups and so there are less and less interests in common. I think many of us can relate to that.

Think about your best friend now: when did you met him or her? I am genuinely curious in your answers. I met my best friend in high school. She was one of the new classmates and we gradually started to know each other very well and bonded easily. We finished high school together and we even chose the same university, so basically we went through 9 years of school together. I am not going to be cheesy about this because it’s not really me, but I am thankful for everything that we’ve been through together: many laughter sessions ended in tears, for the holidays and sleepless nights and also our low times in life when we could rely on each other as listener and for the occasional piece of advice.

She recently got married and I was one of her bridesmaids. We didn’t discuss about weddings when we were much younger or dreaming about the princess gown, big wedding and the knight in shining armor (or I can’t remember doing that) as probably many girls do waiting for the big day. It was still a bit of a surreal experience. I am not a sentimental person, but even as soon as I saw her on her final fitting for her wedding dress I knew it would be one of those significant moments in life that I will never forget. You know it’s a sight that you only get to experience once in a lifetime.

Early on the day of her wedding close family and friends got together at her house and seeing her all glammed up and looking gorgeous I couldn’t get the smile off my face. She was very stressed and nervous, as I hear is normal, and maybe I shouldn’t have smiled so much and try to be more reassuring that the day will go down well. It obviously eventually did. It went by very fast for her, being an eventful wedding, but I was surprised to realize how fast it went for me too. It felt a bit overwhelming to be in charge of certain details like welcoming the guests and walking them to their table, but I ended up enjoying that too.

Everything came down beautifully and it was one of the best weddings I attended, the location being very dreamy and fit for such an event. It will surely be something we’ll talk about for some time and remember fondly through the years. Now I can’t wait to see the “official” photos and especially the video from the event and notice all the little details and moments we might’ve missed through the rush of that day.

If you’d like to see my look from the wedding you’re in luck, as I took some snaps on location to be able to also share them with you. Hope you like them!

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