Sibiu Christmas Market


Last year we went to Vienna as a pre-Christmas vacation to visit what we didn’t manage to visit the first two times we went there, but also to see the beautiful Christmas markets as the previous two times we went at another time of the year and didn’t manage to experience what was a proper seasonal market with tempting sweets, drinks and beautiful handcrafted ornaments.

This year we kept it local and went just a few hours out of Cluj, to a Christmas market that is much admired in the country and is hosted by one of the prettiest cities in Romania and one of the must-visit ones.

The weather is not exactly wintery in the country as one would expect it to be. We usually had snow near Christmas, but this year it is warmer than usual. Therefore, no snow. So a Christmassy atmosphere was exactly what the Christmas elves ordered so as to get that Christmas spirit going. I also wanted to get some nice shots to share with you.

It was a very chill kind of day, we just walked around the city centre, enjoying tasty drinks and food, taking some snaps and sticking for the magic atmosphere that the fairy lights threw over the Christmas market once the night came. As you’ll see below, it was quite a beautiful sight.

Have you written to Santa yet? 

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