The autumn issue


This type of post is not something I am used to. I much more prefer to write word after word expressing my thoughts, preferably not about me. But placing in front of you just an array of texts feels a bit impersonal.

Whenever I discover a new blog or an article that I enjoy I like to put a face to it, to see who the person that wrote it is.

Also, I do not feel especially comfortable in front of the camera. Even when on holiday, I much more prefer shooting sightings and whatever there is to visit than getting photographs of myself. I already see myself every day in the mirror, I much more prefer having visual memories of places than of me posing at every worth seeing thing or landscape.

But, as I have committed to this project, I feel a sort of responsibility to do certain things in a certain way. Considering all this, I am attaching a few photos capturing bits of autumn and my face of course, as I have this opportunity and will create more to put a face to all these articles this blog has to offer so maybe you’ll feel more connected. Because there is an actual human working here not a robot.

Almost two weeks ago on a lovely, sunny Sunday we decided we would go to the park to capture autumn in all its beauty. We also thought it was a great opportunity to take some pictures of myself as I was enjoying how my refreshed hair color went with all the lovely colors autumn has to show.

Therefore, I went through the photos we took then and I made a selection, did very little to enhance them and you will see them after this text. I am not advertising an outfit, make-up or another type of product and am not turning this post into a fashion or a beauty one. It is only about the beauty of autumn, honesty, responsibility and me getting out of my comfort zone.

P.S. I will get a haircut soon so this is the last time you’ll be seeing me with this long hair. So, next time I am gonna chat with you from the “shorter hair” side.

See ya! Hope you enjoy the photos.

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