The role model issue

The role model business is

People need role models in order
to stay motivated, to get inspired and be able to constantly grow on different
levels and also aim to be the best version of themselves.

But for that, it is important for
the role model to be a good one. But what does that really mean? I am thinking
a good role model is one that is upright, honest, has good morals that s/he
lives by, is generous, does acts of kindness, is hardworking, inspires people to work harder too
and is also relatable.

But where to look for proper role
models? Mainstream media does not really focus on promoting that many people
that would be great role models. Entertainment is what has priority because
ratings are what matter.

Mostly we see either scandals,
either “news” about celebrities having kids, getting married, changing
hairstyles or going for a risqué outfit. I am not saying certain celebrities
aren’t good role models, what I’m saying is that certain aspects of their life
are prioritized at the expense of others because it provides entertainment and
by doing this, they subtly suggest that either looks or wearing the latest
trends is more important than real achievements.

from brunette to blonde is no real achievement (unless you’re a hairstylist in
training) neither is how much money you put in your outfit or where you spent your

One example where women’s appearance
is valued, at the expense of other things, is the red carpet. This year, there was a campaign trying to make something important
happen and so the hashtag “ask her more” appeared. It refers to the fact that
women should be asked about their achievements and not only about which
designer they are wearing or whose jewels. A TV channel had a “mani-cam” which
was basically a red carpet but for women’s hands that showed their manicure and
jewellery. But somehow this year that did not happen anymore.
Which maybe is a step in the right direction. A baby step nonetheless.


So given the fact that media
prioritizes too much information that is not exactly newsworthy about famous
people, how do we manage the role model situation/issue? It may be kind of funny but, from
time to time, things tend to balance themselves. Certain people come to the
attention of the media by doing “fame” the right way, being hardworking and
good possible role models. And I say possible not because their actions are
doubtful or questionable, but because in order for you to choose a certain
someone as a role model s/he has to be relatable, you have to find some sort
of similarities so you could really see them as inspiring.

I am not a sports fan. Or at
least I wasn’t.

I think it was last summer when I
started watching tennis and understanding what was happening because there was this romanian girl playing and doing really well and I was a bit interested. But I
was also watching men’s matches and I got caught up in it. So I also watched Simona
Halep’s matches at Roland Garros including that great women’s final between her
and Maria Sharapova. Because of Simona Halep I started enjoying watching this
sport. I thought she will continue to get better and better because you could
see how much she wanted to win that final but wasn’t ready enough then. I think
every fan is waiting for a rematch this year at Roland Garros.

But now, things are different.
She recently won her first Premier Mandatory title at Indian Wells (which is
second in importance to a Grand Slam title, like the one from Roland Garros
is). That final between her and Jelena Jankovic was an emotional rollercoaster.
It had a rough start, it looked like Simona was about to lose. As a viewer I
thought “ok, she has a bad day, that’s it.” Jelena Jankovic was serving for the
match but could not finish it. The pressure was too high. But what did Simona
do? She pulled through and won that second set and took the final into a
decisive set. She still did not play her best tennis, but she struggled to hit
every ball, she ran across the court returning most of the balls coming to her,
she never gave up and it paid off big time because she won that match. I never
saw something like that. She could have tanked and lost in two straight sets,
but she found mental resources to keep on fighting. Seeing that happen was



I’ve heard sport commentators
saying that if you can win matches without being able to play your best tennis
then you are a great player. That final was a clear sign that mentally and
physically Simona is on the right path to her biggest win yet. Seeing that
fight she gave it felt truly inspiring. It was proof of how hard work and not
giving up leads to great achievements.

After Australian Open when she
lost her quarter final match, more like gave up and admitted it, she promised
herself she would not do that again. She would not give up again. She will
fight until the very end. And the Indian Wells final was living proof of that.
She is hardworking, has good morals, she is genuine, nice and modest. And it is
great to see Simona Halep everywhere on the Internet because of her achievements
and how a fighter she is. She truly has the power to inspire. It is up to you
if you let it take over you. It is easy to be charmed. Just watch her play.


Simona Halep is one of the famous people that do fame the right way and is a good possible role model: she is very likable, hardworking and every fight she gives on court is an inspiring one to watch. I chose writing about her and giving her as an example, because of all I said above and because she is really popular now in Romania, very present on tv because of her current achievements, fortunately. But there are many more possible good role models. One more that comes to mind is John Green who wrote the bestseller „The fault in our stars” that turned very successfully into a movie last year. I read some of his books and follow him on oscial media and really appreciate what he’s doing. But you can look into your interests and see who best represents them, who does fame the right way and is a good possible role model for you to look up to. Maybe already at least one came to your mind.

In your opinion, who has the power to inspire? Who is your role model?


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