Dakota Johnson „Just a Minute” – Vogue

The first thing that went through my mind when I saw this video was „OMG! I cut my hair exactly like Anastasia Steele”. I did not think this with excitement, my sentiment was quite the opposite. Does it mean that somewhere deep inside I do like „Fifty Shades of Grey”? The answer is no. I still think it is the worst written book I read up to this point in my life. But as I really like this Jamie Dornan guy, I really hope that at least the film will be better because odds are he will be stuck to this for two movie more. Cause the story is a trilogy. But you probably knew that, because like me, you probably gave into the craze that these books created so you gave it a try.

I only saw Dakota Johnson briefly in her small role from the movie „The Social Network”. There was really no time for her to make a lasting impression. But from what I’ve seen in the „Fifty Shades” trailers she kind of seemed like an updated Kristen Stewart. A Kristen Stewart that no longer has a body language that says „I’m disgusted” constantly and also got rid of her hands-through-the-hair move. Dakota feels a bit more likeable, but as an actor I don’t really feel like there is a difference between her and Kristen Stewart. At least from what the brief trailers show. I personally am not impressed. Yet.

But this Vogue short movie entitled „Just a minute” I kind of like. The video tries to represent that saying I mentioned before. What does „Just a minute” really mean? Because very often it is not used or delivered like „literally, just a minute”. The mood is nice, chilled and feels very Lana del Rey, but it also feels a bit creepy, like the minute she’ll exit that door she’ll be murdered or something. A Lana del Rey song could have been fit as the soundtrack also.

Will you go to the cinema to see ” Fifty Shades of Grey”?


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