Where to find blog post inspiration?

Where to find blog post inspiration? 5 helpful ideas.

Since the holidays barely passed and not much
happened for me, except sitting at home and watching movies, I don’t really have
any idea for a specific blog post. So, I thought what else would be appropriate to
write about considering this situation. I decided to tell you guys, who are
in need of this or will be at some time, where I get inspiration from or what I
try doing to find ideas for writing on my blog.

1. Magazines
or newspapers

The most at hand thing for me is reading
through old magazines or newspapers and see if something clicks. Maybe it’s a
fashion or design article that will be the basis for a DIY project or an article with your opinion on the latest fashion trends. Also, you might want to offer your own perspective
on a story that was popular. Maybe you have some insight to offer based on your
studies or life experience.



2. Rewatching a favourite movie, TV series or a new ones

Watching movies is one of my favourite things to do. I began watching more indie movies because I found some stories to be widening my perspective on things. Also, it is a very relaxing activity and you never know what scene or character or line could spark the inspiration flame and get you writing. I wrote one blog post after rewatching an episode of “The Newsroom” (which is one of my favourite TV shows) and now that is one of my popular posts.



3. Browsing
through an ideas list

Choose Google or Pinterest. Either one. You will
find lots of lists with potential blog post ideas. Like the one below. They will surely help you
plan at least 3 posts.


image+the 50 things link

4. Your
most read blog posts

Go to your blog statistics and see which posts
are your most read ones. Maybe you can do a follow up or an update. Take a new
perspective on things.



5. Listening
to nature or environmental sounds

For me sounds are very important when writing. Some
help a lot with concentration and help me write fast. Are you one of those
people who get ideas when in bed trying to sleep or when showering? Try listening
to sounds or the music you know really relaxes you. For me


does the job.
You can choose a specific sound, or combine sounds or choose a certain
combination pre-made by the website to get you inspired and help you focus on
your task.



Was this helpful for you? Where do you find your inspiration for writing?

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