What kind of day has it been?



Since I want to start on a light note I will mention this first. 2014 was the year my favourite TV show ended. Although it received mixed reviews from critics it is of such greatness to me that I am able to watch its episodes multiple times without getting bored. I enjoy them every time and I get excited every time the characters engage in some quest regarding their job that happened to be their passion also. They did it with such dedication and were so committed to their cause that just watching them do their day to day tasks was getting me excited too. It was a thing of beauty seeing a group of people committed to their, many times idealistic, goals and committed to doing the right thing. But it was also highly inspirational.

Two years ago, if you had told me that a TV show about the news would be one of my favourite things ever, I would have raised my left brow and lowered my right (the other way I am not able to do it) in very much doubt that I would be able to enjoy such thing. But then there came this HBO TV series cleverly written by Aaron Sorkin, with fast paced and engaging dialogues delivered by very improbable-to-exist-in-real-life characters but that nonetheless got me hooked to the screen.

People there had an honourable purpose. They wanted to make the news worth watching. They wanted to deliver information that was useful to the people, that would educate them and that wouldn’t be a „slave” to ratings instead of being a „slave” to honesty and newsworthiness. They started their quixotic mission having a great person as a leader and they stopped at nothing to do what they thought was the right thing. They hit great obstacles but against all odds the series ended with them still fighting their good cause no matter the pressure.

Career was a big theme for me in 2014. I had decisions to make, priorities to reconsider, and evaluate what was done and what should be done next. Some people say timing is everything. And I am a believer of that. Circumstances brought me to the point where I found myself thinking “What the hell am I doing here really?” I realised I should stop the autopilot and get myself awake and at the steering wheel. The realization wasn’t pretty at all. Mostly, what I had to come to terms with, was that I had a lot of work to do on myself first.

As I said earlier, “The Newsroom” was of great inspiration and made me realise I should get committed to my cause, dedicate myself to my work, the work I want to do and not just sit around on autopilot waiting for things to just happen. I should get serious about stuff if I want that stuff to happen. That passion I saw, regarding those characters, I feel and I know it’s real and can be felt towards doing something. But it has to be nurtured by working towards your goals. Each step at a time of course. Also, it’s OK to fail. It hurts like hell at first. I know. But it is one of the steps towards getting what you want.

So pretty much this is one of my top goals for 2015. I have a few plans and, thank God, I also have the support for it so basically it is up to me if I make things happen or not. Also, there are the smaller stuff, but not less important, like travelling, enjoying more art cause Vienna got me hooked on that, enjoying even more great movies than this year and of course reading more books to get the writing “juices” flowing even better.

What do you really want to do in 2015?

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