10 Gift Ideas for Last Minute Christmas Shopping


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Choosing gifts can be many times a “risky business” because your inspiration might be running low and maybe you have to buy something for a person you don’t know that well. You can also go into a store and be overwhelmed by choices and don’t know what exactly to choose to also be of some use and not tossed in a corner and forgotten or maybe being passed to someone else.

I admit it:

I love reading. So when people ask me what to get me as a gift I usually say books. If it’s in a form of an e-book for my Kindle it’s even better. For me it’s a winner. If you are not into reading books I recommend you read my blog post where I wrote about reading. Also feel free to share your opinion on it.

If you don’t know what to buy for a dear one for Christmas, I think one of the best ideas is to buy books. At least that’s what I do. In thinking what kind of book to buy, I try first to find out what that person would like, maybe she/he already told me what she/he wants to read, or maybe has a certain interest in a certain subject, or likes a TV series a lot or a movie that is a book adaptation. So, I compiled a list of10 gift ideas for book, tried and tested, for you to be inspired on your last minute Christmas shopping.


Cecelia Ahern is very fit for your mom, sister or a girlfriend who enjoys a light, heartwarming story. Cecelia’s books are always an easy and pleasant read. I recommend “P.S. I love you” or “The Gift” (fit for the holiday season).


John Green is very popular as this year we saw “The fault in our stars” on the big screen. It was the adaptation of the best seller book with the same title. His books fit in the Young Adult category.


“The diary of a young girl – Anne Frank” is a must read for anyone. Maybe you heard about it as it is a famous journal of a teenage Jewish girl who hid with her family from the Nazis during the Second World War, but their hiding place was sadly discovered.


Jamie Oliver’s cook books are a must for people who enjoy cooking and also an inspiration for those who consider cooking more than a hobby.


Mark Z. Danielewski is the author for those who are fond of mysteries and puzzles. His book “House of leaves” will leave you wondering about that strange story a long time after you finished reading it.


If you are looking for more practical and motivational books I recommend “The magic of thinking big“ by David J. Schwartz and “The confidence course: seven steps to self-fulfillment” by Walter Anderson.


“Harry Potter” is a series, written by J. K. Rowling, of 7 books and movies full of magic that are a delight for kids and adults alike.


Irvin Yalom is a psychiatrist who I heard has great talent writing fiction. What I read of his is a book on the fear of death called “Staring at the sun”. Very educational and thought provoking.


“House and psychology” and “House and philosophy” are the perfect choice for a fan of the TV series “House MD” as they deal with the character Gregory House, his behavior and what makes him unique.


Yann Martel’s “Life of Pi” is a lovely story about a boy who spent a long time in the middle of the ocean with a full grown tiger in the same boat as him. It is also a story about courage, faith and how to tell a good story.

Happy Holidays! 

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