A birthday gift

Some might wonder why I buy glossy/fashion magazines. There aren’t many really informative or cultural articles. Nonetheless, I enjoy looking at clothes or beauty products I may never buy. But then I toss it in the garbage, maybe after I took some photos from there for a mood board (yes, this is exactly what I do so I don’t feel like the money was totally wasted).

Mood boards are a way for me to stay inspired and motivated. Glossy/fashion magazines are a good source for maybe new ideas for writing or are a trigger for daring to try something new in terms of make-up, clothes or photography (if you are into that sort of stuff). It also expands my perception of beauty, ironically.

But this is not what this post is actually about. Don’t be bored. Please. Reward is coming. As in photos are coming.

I am going on a limb here and assume that many of you, on your birthday, get asked by friends and/or family, what you want for your birthday because they want to get you something you actually need, like and will use. To me it happens every year and even though I don’t want to say what I wish as a gift and say on occasion that „I don’t know” or the most sincere reasons of all „I don’t want anything”,  truth is many of the times I know. Let’s be honest. We all know. We make a wishlist throughout the year. Also another reason I don’t say specifics is because I want them to struggle a bit and see how well they know me. But the ways through which I manifest my evil side aren’t really the point here either.

This year I answered this question and actually told my best friend that I needed a wallet (See? I can be nice too.) My old wallet started looking really bad so a new one would come in handy and my friend surely delivered. She bought me this chic, classic, dark blue wallet with plenty of space to put all those cards I don’t use from pharmacies and all those receipts I keep stacking like a hoarder until my wallet looks like a mess of recycling matter. All joke aside, I really enjoy it and, also, dark blue being such a big deal and a trend this autumn/winter season, I thought trying to take some pictures with and of it.

So here it is. Your reward for bearing with me throughout this very complex blog post.







The wallet is from Carpisa

How do you cope with birthday gift related questions?

And ultimately what do you wish for your next birthday? 🙂

Thank you for reading and Feel free to leave a comment!

Work hard, have faith and stay inspired!

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