Summer vacation. Thassos


I haven’t decided yet if what I like to do most, on my summer vacation, is going to the seaside or visiting a big European city filled with cultural and food experiences. Or maybe mix the two together.

Going to the sea in the summer feels like a must to me. As the hot season approaches my need for sinking my feet in the sand and warm sea water gets more acute. Also, breathing in the salted sea breeze works as a sort of a relaxation technique for me along with listening to the sound of the waves and feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin. Throughout that week I try to capture that whole experience as a memory in its fullest, in order to get back to it when I feel down or stressed.

Also, visiting great European cities fills my soul with joy and fulfilment. Walking ‘till my feet hurt, taking pictures of what that city has to offer historically speaking but also in terms of summer atmosphere and culinary goodness.

This year we decided to go to Thassos, Greece. I was kind of longing for a road trip and the way there surely delivered. We chose to go from Romania through Serbia and Macedonia until Greece and our final destination on the continent which was the ferryboat that was going to take us to Thassos island.

Serbia is very similar to Romania, I found, but reaching Macedonia you kind of feel you are getting close to Greece. In Macedonia the road was very nice as for sometime the motorway takes you along and through some mountains, at times the road being suspended above valleys. In Greece the road became even better, as the sun began to shine brighter and soon enough the motorway was curving close to the sea, offering you a great view that was reminding me of the motorway in Croatia which also offers a great view of the sea.

Thassos is a small, very green island with beautiful beaches all around that you can easily visit if you have a car at hand. The water is clean and clear, of beautiful shades of blue. The island’s main city Thassos/Limenas is a small charming city where you can shop, enjoy great food and also enjoy a bit of Greek history.

Although from Cluj-Napoca, Romania to Thassos, Greece is a long way, it is totally worth it. The island is very lovable, with quiet, small villages that satisfy your basic needs and where you can chill, rest and enjoy great beaches and a beautiful sea. I already miss the island and also the fish and seafood.

Below I made a video with a selection of pictures from Thassos.

Hope you like it!


photo diary thassos, greece by

Slidely Slideshow

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