Call it magic


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     Lately I have been listening to some new albums of some artists I enjoy and also two soundtracks. It’s always exciting and a new experience going through songs and searching for the ones that will be on heavy rotation later, discovering new gems for my iPod playlist.

     I am sure you must have some songs that are all-time favorites, so good and enjoyable for you that they are always there when it’s time to make a new playlist. For me Coldplay’s songs are among those that are always on my playlist either new or older songs. But of course mostly, these days, I listen to the new songs like „Magic” and „Sky full of stars” which I really enjoy. Besides those, I really like „Another’s arms”. Don’t exactly know why it has such an appeal because it is very sad, but I found the sound very cool especially the way the song starts with that almost haunting voice.

     Because I like „Another’s arms” so much, I went on youtube to search for a live version to see how it sounds. It is amazing, as Chris Martin’s deep voice blends with the almost hypnotizing voice from the beginning making you feel like you are entering some mysterious musical heaven. And then I remembered how much I would love seeing someday Coldplay play live. It is actually on my bucket list. Also, because I liked that live version so much I shared it on facebook together with my wish because that is what you do these days, right?

     Later that day I would find out how magical it can be to be at the right place at the right time.

HINT: Listen to the videos below (The image is not HQ as I filmed at night with my phone. It is also shaky at times. Excuse that.). You can find these talented people on this facebook page:

Rua Quartet


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