The latest trends in fashion

     One of the things I really like doing is buying
two of the fashion magazines from the many that come out each month. Those two
are Elle and Glamour. The reason for why I buy them is very simple: flipping
through pages that are full of the new fashion trends, new make-up products and
lifestyle tips is very relaxing for me and also a bit inspirational because
even though I am not one to dress according to the latest trends I like
incorporating some of them and adapting them to my liking everytime I feel like
dressing up or going out.

     Most of the fashion trends are easy to look at,
but some of them are not so accessible and are difficult to put in a day to day
outfit for most of us that are not stars or fashion editors for a huge fashion
magazine. Nevertheless, this season I noticed some trends that are worth taking
a look at and worth being discussed but not so worth being worn in my opinion. To
me, these 3 trends, maybe actually 2 of the 3, that I will show you are not
that easy to look at and even if I had the money to buy the high quality
products that represent those trends, I would not spend my money on them. For me
fashion means beauty, things that are pleasurable to look at, that give you a
boost in self-confidence and worth attracting looks on the street.

     Before I get to those trends I want to mention
one more thing to consider before you get caught in the craze of them. Sometimes
some trends come back revived or new trends come to be, because some important
person in fashion wears a specific products or some star gives them a chance
and the paparazzi take at least a 100 pictures of them. And because we identify
with the stars, because of what they create or what they represent as an image,
we then adopt that specific trend because it makes us think we are more like
them. Even if that specific product is not at all classy or good looking. But sometimes
though, some trends the stars start are worth sticking to and I will recognize
that. Also a product becomes trendy because one of the designers decide to give
them a chance and people get hooked. Overnight those products are sold out and
if they are expensive then the more accessible brands do replicas and sell them
for the masses.

     What I want to say is that before getting hooked
by a rising trend consider who YOU are, who you want to be and what you really feel
comfortable in before modeling yourself after a person who tomorrow is wearing
something else and maybe actually is someone else (as an image to show to us).

     The first craze is all about the McDonald’s-like
collection Jeremy Scott created for Moschino as his first designed collection for
this big brand. Many stars wore those clothes and accessories and I hear the
iPhone case depicting the French fries in the red carton is actually sold out.



     The second trend that is coming to get us is the
trend of ugly sandals which I thought was being left buried in the 90’s
forever. But no. Phoebe Philo from Celine decided to revive the trend, and this
S/S of 2014, the trend was very present on the runway and I fear the moment
they will be everywhere in the shoe shops this summer season.



     And the last one is about the New Balance sneakers.
Who brought them into trend? The same Phoebe Philo from Celine who after a
runway show got on stage and bowed to the public wearing one of their models.
What’s the situation now? Lots of fashion bloggers are sporting them with
classy to slouchy outfits.



What do you think of these trends? Is any of
them to your liking? And more importantly, will you adopt them?

Let me know in the comments!

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