The Genoa Tip

The story about Genoa starts to unveil as Jerry Dantana gets a call from someone who was a witness and confesses also to Mac that sarin gas was used on civilians.

Also in this episode the infamous video where Maggie confesses she is in love with Jim and was put on YouTube, gets sent to Don and Lisa. Maggie embarks on a small adventure with Sloan alongside to contact the girl who put the video online and take it off.

Jim is starting to get fed up with how the on road campaign is going and the role the journalists have on the free media bus, asking questions that get only half answers. he tries to get a 30 minute meet-up with the candidate but gets shut down everytime.

As Maggie and Jim deal with the aftermath of the video being seen by Don and Lisa, will deals with him being taken off the 9/11 anniversary. Sloan and Elliot do it instead, as Will watches them on TV with his notepad alongside on which we see exactly the text that Sloan and Elliot read on the show. we also get to see Will’s beginnings in the news business and one of the first shows he did was the night after the 9/11 attacks. We specifically get to see a one on one talk that he had with Charlie Skinner.

Also Neal gets arrested, accused of participating at the Occupy Wall Street protest. Will goes to the police stations to bail him out and here we get to witness a very typical Will scene and monologue which is passionate as always and a little emotional as he tries to convince the police man that what Neal did was a small wrongdoing. The bit of anger that surfaces here is obviously a result of him being taken off the 9/11 anniversary.

The episode ends with Mac and Jerry talking on the phone with a soldier who tells them about Genoa, this setting the field for what is coming with episode 3 when Genoa is beginning to get more serious and real than they thought.

A video with Aaron Sorkin talking about this episode:

Preview for episode 3:

Do you watch The Newsroom? What do you think about this episode?

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