Life is what you make it. For the most part


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Life is full of challenges. Of chances to grow as a person. Composed of happy times and ones that are not so happy. With the happy times the deal is easy. Everyone is pleased ans wants them to never end. They are what every person looks for. Everyone of us has dreams, wishes, goals they want to achieve. For some, they might come easily. others have to fight more to obtain what they want, while others never get it. The worst is, I think, when you think you have something and you have your fingers grasping it, but the next second it just slips through your fingers. And it’s gone. At this not so happy times what do you do? What do you think of it all? Does it hurt? Is it fair?

Let’s think back one year, then more. How did you want your life to be? What were your dreams for your ife? Is it everything as you imagined it? If it is, then good for you. A many may say, you’re one of the lucky ones. But I may say you may have been deprived of something that can be great. The unexpected that sometimes may turn into something greater than you imagined. But, for others it is different. much different. Maybe not at all how you wanted. Do you think often about it? Complain about how you wish thinks were different?

How about we make a change in perspective. Instead of thinking what you lost, think about what you gained. It can be difficult. I know. Because sometimes the not so good can outweigh the good. But just try. Maybe make a list. It can be about new things you learned that maybe if you’ve taken another path you wouldn’t have learned them, people you met, places you visited and other things you are grateful for. for example last summer I thought one day how I never saw a swan in real life. And some days later, because I helped someone get somewhere, guess what. In that place there was a beautiful swan floating on a lake 🙂


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I know it can be hard sometimes. Life is very different than I imagined one or two years ago. In some aspects, not in a good way. Sometimes I wonder how some things developed the way they did. It makes me also angry to think about some great things I had at reach and would have made me very happy, but they just slipped away. But one thing I don’t enjoy doing is complain. I mean, I do allow myself some moments of self pity, but then I get back on my feet and think maybe it was not the right moment. and since the world didn’t end in 2012 I might as well find a way to make what I can right for me since we have the time. Till another extinct civilization predicts the Apocalypse.

Of course sometimes I wish things were easier. Of course I get sad sometimes and angry over stuff and I even cry sometimes. I find it helpful. I’m only human. But I feel like if things got easier for me I would not value them as much. So, it’s a good thing after all. Like someone said life is what you make it. So let’s try to focus less on the bad stuff and in the mean time make our lives as awesome as we can working our butts off for what we want, then allow ourselves to relax, take a break and also allow ourselves to heal from what hurt us, to mourn over what we lost and to eat the best chocolate or icecream available, or do a marathon of our favourite TV series, or watch Daily Grace a lot even though we don’t have much to learn but just to have a great laugh. All this as a reward when we achieve what we worked for and want in this life.


photo source Tumblr

I wrote this inspired by a letter and it’s follow-up that one of our teachers at school gave us to read and do a little introspection. Maybe it will inspire you to to think a little about your „Italy” and more about your „Holland”.

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts about it.

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