Must see. „The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet”


     Gwyneth Paltrow, Diane von
Furstenberg, Miley Cyrus, Ivanka Trump, Arianna Huffington and many more chose
to speak honestly about personal problems, about life, love, carrer and sex in a
daring and inspiring television interview series.

     We’ve all seen interviews where either
celebrities or successful people open themselves to speak about certain
subjects, but being on live tv there is time limit, there’s the producer that
actually leads the interview, there’s a complicated set and it kind of seems
too formal.

     I find the concept of “The
Conversation” more interesting and attractive because of the different setting.
The interview is at the guest’s house, with no other public then the people necessary
to record the interview. Of course there might be a script, but as it is done, feels like a has a higher degree of freedom and also feels more authentic. There are real life problems that are
discussed and, so, you don’t see the actress or the fashion designer or the
singer. You just see them as women. It makes them more approachable instead of intangible.

     What is really interesting is that
after each episode you are left feeling motivated and in a good mood. If you
are open to a little introspection, then this show can be also therapeutic
because it is interesting to see how successful women dealt with their problems
and made it in life. So you can take their advice and put it to good use. Cause
there is a lot of great advice given by great women so you have important
lessons to learn.

     For all of the above I think it’s why it
appeals to so many women and men also because I saw their comments, on the
website, about how much they appreciate each episode.

     I recommended this to my bf and he
said “it is only with women talking about women’s problems.” Indeed it is about women and women related issues, but is it also about problems that we all have, no
matter what gender. Issues related to career, loss, children, sex, trust,
love. So you see that men also could have reasons to watch “The Conversation”. If
not, then because there are beautiful women. Or because they can get a pretty
good insight into what women think about some subjects and how they feel in certain situations. Something will get your attention. It will be a win-win situation.

     I’m not gonna jump and say that you
are definitely gonna love this show. You might not be comfortable with some
subjects or opened to question yourself and your life. But whenever you are
ready for something like this or you just have a bad day, I suggest you give an
episode a shot.

     I did not know some of the women
interviewed, but I certainly have added on my list with people that have
something that I can learn, these names: Diane von Furstenberg, Glenda Bailey,
Arianna Huffington.

     It has been really inspiring watching
all the episodes and I’m grateful that they put them online for my, at any
time, access because, so, I’m sure that when I need an improvement to my mood or
motivation, I can always find my peace of mind at a few clicks away.

Check out Amanda de Cadenet’s great
interviews at

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