We all have secrets


It was indeed amazing. I saw Andrew Garfield previously in the „Social Network” and in „Never let me go” but he never stood out to me as he did in this movie. I think he did a great job with the acting. I was pretty impressed how well this part suited him and how believable was his acting. Although I was shocked to see that he is 29 years old he managed to get really well in the skin of the awkward 17 year old adolescent.

You can definetly see an evolution of the character throughout the movie, from the beginning when he was more introvert and lacked self esteem and then after the transformation into Spider-man, and because of the strength he got, he became more confident and brave. That spider bite was the push he needed to become what he really was meant to be. A true hero, although pretty modest.

I heard a lot of people saying „Why another Spider-man, why they want to redo the same thing they did not so many years ago?”. Well let me tell you that it’s not the same thing. In this one we are shown how Peter got to live with his uncle and aunt and we are given information about what his father did and what was his work about. It just so happens that his father’s partner in research is the villain from this movie. One of the movie’s cliffhangers is that we still don’t know where Peter’s father and mother disappeared when he was little, but I guess that will be sorted out in the next two movies. Another difference is his love interest who is not Mary Jane Watson but Gwen Stacy. So the main story is kind of the same, but in a totally another context which worked for me because it made the movie more interesting to watch.

The chemistry between Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker/Spider-man) and Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) is more than obvious. The scenes the two shared together were very lovely, their acting being very authentic, so you cand imagine how great they were together fighting against the villain.


I watched and liked the other three Spider-man movies too but this one is my favourite. It felt more real to me, Andrew Garfield is a better choice for Spider-man and he did a great job with the character making it his own. Tobey Maguire was good too, but somehow I like Andrew Garfield better. Maybe I should rewatch the other three movies and then make a more pertinent comparison. It’s not such a bad idea.

Also the 3D was amazing. It’s a must that you sit in the rows more close to the screen so you can experience it as it was intended because it’s really awesome.

The movie had an open end so there will be a second movie. I read that it will also be a trilogy so that is great news. I am excited to see how they come out, and of course see again the Andrew Garfield- Emma Stone amazing duo.

Go see the movie till it’s still in theaters so you can also experience the amazing 3D.

The trailer:

A cool Coldplay track from the movie:


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