Bad day confession


Source of the image + an interesting article about how to make your bad day a better day

I’m sure you had at least two or three days when everyone makes you like an angry bird. You’re a one colored ball of fury and all you want to do is hit and kill your „enemies” from that level. Almost everything goes the wrong way and you have a very shitty mood because of all this. Well this was my day. Until now at least (see? a hint of optimism. I don’t know where that got out from).

What do I do on this kind of days? Well, obviously first I ask: why me? what the hell is wrong with this day? why does almost everyone do their best to piss me off? Why is everything so against me today? And then I realized that it is friday the 13th. I am not a superstitious person. I never pay attention to unlucky days, black cats, stairs, spilt salt and whatever there is. That’s why I really did not start my day by being terrified that it is friday 13th. But then, when I found out, finally I had my explanation to calm myself down a little. The planets and stars were to be blamed for my shitty day. It’s a nice comfort to find – And of course I’m being ironic. Just in case you made a frown.

But is it really true? From now on should I pay more attention to unlucky days and bad dreams? Seems like this superstition is catching on to me. I do hope things won’t get worse cause then I’m sure I’ll end my day with a meltdown and being sorry for myself. The worse tends to get out of me in the sense that I really tend to blame myself later and make lots of negative evaluations about myself and cannot find one good thing about me to make me feel better. I know this is not good and that these exact thoughts are at the core of my bad mood right now, because lately it became more natural to me to analyze my reactions because of my training as a psychologist. CBT screams out of my brain at me.

So I figure better get home as fast as I can, stay in my room and try to get my mind of it. Try to find my peaceful oasis. Then I listen to my favourite music. Obviously, the melancholic kind. Sink a little into the sea of self pity and then find my way back to the surface and to better feelings. And then I write on my blog.

In the end, two songs that go very well with this kind of day:

BTW, Easy A is an awesome movie. You should check it out. And I knew this song before it was engraved on my brain by lovely Emma Stone. From another movie, obviously. The Ugly Truth I guess 😕

Have a nice weekend! I hope for one too.

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  1. Ufff… sorry for your bad day, but sometimes it happens!Not only because it's Friday- 13, but because we are exhausted, stressed by the everyday problems and we collapse!It happened to me too.So I listen sad music, I cry a little bit ( I reset the "computer" 🙂 ) and then, I'm better.I hope that you had a magic week-end!Take care and have a nice day!


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