Book(s) recommendation. Cecelia Ahern

“Ever wondered where lost things go?” – “A place
called Here”


   Often it is frustrating not finding things,
especially when you really need them, but I always thought that I have just put
them somewhere and forgot where because I didn’t pay too much attention. I also
thought, still think and also experience prove to me so, that that thing is
always in the last place you think about finding it and that also you will find
it when you least expect it. That lost thing is somewhere near you, not really
lost, just misplaced.

   But the story I’m about to tell you about has
another theory. It seems that there is a place where lost things go. Everything
from clothes, memories, smells, sounds to people and everything else you could
think of. This is a place where lost people make a new life by finding lost
stuff. They have a different lifestyle as there is no money and no place for
advanced technology. They don’t work for money as it has no value there. They only
work for themselves and to help the community. Interesting lifestyle, right?

   The lead character, who is Sandy Shortt, has a “passion”
for finding things that she lost since she was a child so, as an adult, she
specialized in finding people.To be more exact she runs a missing persons agency.
As she was doing her job looking for someone, she found herself in the special
place called Here where all the lost things go.

   And I’m stopping here from talking about the subject
because I don’t want to give too much away. If I made you curious give it a go
and read the book.


   It’s not the first book by Cecelia Ahern that I
read and enjoy because it’s catchy and charming. The first one I read was “P.S.
I love you“, which I think is better than the movie, but I don’t mean to say I
haven’t enjoyed the movie. It was also lovely and Hillary Swank and Gerard
Butler did a great job portraying Holly and Gerry. Second I read “Where
rainbows end” which is also a love story but not as good as “P.S. I love you”.
Then I think it was “If you could see me now” and “The gift” which I both loved
and recommend to you.

   Next I want to finish “Thanks for the memories”
and then read whatever book written by Cecelia comes to hand because they put a
smile on my face, stimulate my imagination and feed my hunger for easy to read
love and life stories that are sprinkled with magic and hope which are always

   For more
information about Cecelia and her books you can visit her official website :

   And as a bonus a great song from the movie P.S. I love you :


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