Naked dillema. Shame on you! Or not?


copyright Bill Brandt

I came across this article today that stated that „although she plays in a movie with explicit sex scenes, she says she hasn’t seen herself naked in the mirror in 10 ten years”. Well I don’t know about the second part of it, which I find very hard to believe and makes me think about this source of information as being unreliable.

What caught my attention was the first part because attached to this statement was a picture of actress Carey Mulligan. Some of you may know her from movies like „An Education”, „Wall Street : Money never sleeps”, „Never let me go”. I’ve seen this three movies and I really appreciate her as an actress and I know I’m not the only one. She had an Oscar nomination and won a BAFTA award for her leading role in „An Education”, these being some of the most important ones.

I highly recommend you to see the first and third movie. I wrote a post about Never let me go if you’re curious. The movie in which she appears nude is director’s Steve McQueen’s „Shame”. It got a nomination at the Golden Globes, 3 awards and a nomination at the Venice Film Festival. This makes me very curious and make me what to see it. Well, this and Carey Mulligan. And no, not because of the naked scenes. I want to convince myself that the role and the movie were really worth getting naked for. Another reason that makes me want to see this movie is that it seems it won’t come to romanian cinemas. And really good movies almost never come in cinemas.

So Carey Mulligan is a very good, award winning actress. Why does she choose to bare it all for the big screen? I mean I understand why some other not that good actresses do it. They want to get attention and be known and compensate for their lack of talent. But she is already known and appreciated for her work. Maybe because she likes challenging roles. If you’ll watch or have already watched „An Education” and „Never let me go” you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Or maybe she wants to make a change of image. I can’t wrap my mind around this matter.

As I haven’t seen the movie „Shame” yet, I don’t really know how revealing those scenes are, but I will watch it and maybe make a post about it just to make things clear.

Or maybe my thinking and my attitude towards this matter are wrong. Maybe these roles come naturally in the acting evolution. Can someone enlighten me?

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