Josh: What do you do when you’re not here?

Kate: I sing.

Josh? Sing. Songs?

Kate: Yeah, songs. What do you do?

Josh: I write.

Kate: Words?

Josh: Yeah, words.

I found the trailer for this movie on youtube by chance and I thought I should see it. Firstly, because of Josh Radnor, from „How I met your mother”, who acts and also wrote and directed the movie. Secondly, because it is an indie movie and because I was sick and tired with the blockbuster, mall movies of this summer. I won’t give much away about this movie because I think it’s a must see and don’t want to ruin the surprises and also don’t want to influence much what you will think about it. Of course you should make your own opinion.

It is partly dramatic but also funny and romantic. The lines are well written some of them were really appealing to me and I thought of them as being very smart and deep. Of some of the things I thought about too but didn’t manage to express them as good as this movie does.

The acting I thought was pretty good too and the characters very authentic regarding their life, issues with life and relationships.

Josh Radnor plays a writer who struggles with inspiration so I took note, of course, of something he said about writing. He argued that a peaceful and comfortable life does not offer great material to write a great book. However, if you had a troubled childhood then you’ve got lots of great things to write about. I don’t know if I totally agree with this, but I can agree that from troubled times come the greatest, the profound, the edgy stories. Then, if you can get a little past the dama and you do some introspection you can find out great things about yourself and also can reach to people’s souls.

All in all the movie leaves you with a very good lesson to learn. Something everybody should consider doing more often to improve their and others life.

Annie: About a year ago, i was in this cab and the cab driver he said, the key to your life is gratitude. You do not give it a thanks. And I said well, how do I do that? Simple, say thank you.


Thank you

 to all those that make a little time to read what I struggle to write here. It’s hard to be focused but it pays off and is of great pleasure to me to write.

And …

More please


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